Saturday, September 22, 2012

Good Saturday morning to everyone!  Hope your week was a good one. We are off to a good start in my classroom--all my little people are beginning to understand that they are 'big' first graders.

Please read the information below, if you have joined my blog----

You may already know this, but I didn't---TPT doesn't list your followers.  When I tried to find out who was following me, I was given a message that told me they were considering making a list of a store's followers available to the store owner.

Teachers Notebook does make a list of your followers and it is easily accessible to the shop owner.

If you are following me on TPT, please also join me on TN and I will be able to contact you and let you know if you won a freebie.  Being on TN would make it easy for me and faster for me to get you freebie to you.

If you have already joined me, thank you so very much.  I think I have joined your blog or store/shop, but if I haven't ---please let me know and I will be most happy to do so, it was certainly just a slip up on my part.  I would love to follow you!

Have a wonderful day, buy, buy and sell, sell!  Some of you are really close to you goal and will be getting a check...I know you have put in a lot of extra long hours and hard work to accomplish this. I'm wishing you all the success and a fast last minute click, clicks for you to reach your goal and more.


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    1. My pleasure! We teachers need to stick together. I don't know if you saw the article about Deanna Jump and making money....I haven't read it all, had to stop....was getting a bit hot under the collar. We teachers are just so terrible, we don't deserve to make any extra money..... I don't understand why people think teachers are so bad, we really work hard at our jobs. Ugh!!