Tuesday, November 20, 2012

 I'm in Pasadena Ca. visiting with my daughter's family. My little grands are still in school until Wednesday (1/2 day  of school).  We are about to leave for a Kinder Thanksgiving Feast at his school. The kids are so excited and adorable at this age!  Anyway we will be off in just a little bit.

I didn't mean for the pictures you see on my blog to be those pictures.  Now I need to figure out how to get the ones that I want up there.  As I have said before, this blog thing is a work in progress for me.  So, I hope I will have some time to get the pictures I want up and moving and get the ones you are seeing down!  Advice and HELP! is always welcomed. Yes, I really mean that! Please---anyone!

Ashley my friend, I want to wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving!  I'm so glad that hubby is back home all safe and sound and will be there for the coming holidays.  Yes, I do think you are crazy for wanting to come back.  Where you are is so beautiful!  I do realize that you have family in this area and friends as well. How many years is the enlistment for?

Sorry for not doing the Sunday Shout Out!  I was on a plane, in airports and didn't have any time to shout out.  I am assuming that we had a shout out.  I will definitely be on line this coming Sunday for the next one.

Wishing everyone out there a very, very wonderful, safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Deep in the Heart

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Buzz On Over...:   Looking forward to this years Science Conference...

Buzz On Over...:   Looking forward to this years Science Conference...:   Looking forward to this years Science Conference...  Leaving tommorrow worked late getting my class ready for a substitute, hope I get a l...

Happy Sunday to everyone!
Just uploaded my newest product to Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook.  I need to upload the little thingy to show all my products from TPT, just haven't gotten around to it.  Anyway, take a look at my newest.  Falling into Math and Literacy~ ~

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I have had the best month so far!  It's not great for some, but for me it's my greatest!  I guess I am on the right path!
I certainly hope so.  I really think the 'shout outs' have indeed really helped.
My apologies to my 'Shout Out' partners for not shouting out for you last weekend.  It  won't happen again!!
My Mom will be 88 in January and she fell and hurt her leg.  I had to spend most of my weekend helping her.  I have also been informed that I will be taking her to the doctor on Monday.  I sometimes think she thinks I am still a kid........once a mother, always a mother---I guess.  She doesn't have internet at her house.  She is as technically challenged as anyone you would ever meet.
Anyway, I will be shouting out on this coming Sunday.  Thanks to all for shouting out!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Glad to hear from you!  Our entire school participates in 'Science Alive' this time every year.  We have a Fall Festival and invite all the parents to eat with their children and to walk around the halls and look at all the experiments that are displayed there.
Basically every teacher from Pre-K to 5th grade must come up with a Science experiment using the 3-fold presentation board, showing the experiment they performed and all the scientific steps they took in order to accomplish this and their results. I will take some pictures tomorrow and post them where you can see.
Naturally the younger students don't adhere to the strict Science Standards for research, but it's a beginning for them to understand.  Every room has a table outside in the hallway and displays their project.
In the afternoon around 2:00 we have our first party of the year.  Parents bring basically Halloween goodies for the kids to eat and have a good time and then when it's over, they leave and take the kids with them.  It is considered 1 of our 3 parties for the year.  If a lot of the parents are there, then when they leave they take the kid. The kids love this party.  Naturally in the bible belt a school doesn't really want to say they are having a Halloween party, but at the end of the day, that is what it is.  A fun time was had!
Stay tuned for pictures tomorrow!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

We made it through our first party--Fall Festival at my school.  Kid had a great time and moms brought pizza, cupcakes, candy and all the other drink, chips etc.  Kids had a really good time.
We have Science Alive during this week and every classroom has to put out a science experiment with pictures and methods.  Kids walk all around the school and look at all the other experiments lining the walls. I should just record, 'just look, please don't touch anything on the table.'  Good day, happy ending.

Next on the agenda--yep, that would be Halloween.  We get hyper kids the next day.  Oh boy!