Saturday, October 27, 2012

We made it through our first party--Fall Festival at my school.  Kid had a great time and moms brought pizza, cupcakes, candy and all the other drink, chips etc.  Kids had a really good time.
We have Science Alive during this week and every classroom has to put out a science experiment with pictures and methods.  Kids walk all around the school and look at all the other experiments lining the walls. I should just record, 'just look, please don't touch anything on the table.'  Good day, happy ending.

Next on the agenda--yep, that would be Halloween.  We get hyper kids the next day.  Oh boy!


  1. I'd like to hear more about "Science Alive" if you don't mind. I need to do something different this year.


  2. Michelle,
    I said I would post the pictures of Science Alive tonight---but, I'm just too tired---I will tomorrow!
    My mom is almost 88 years and she fell in the yard a few day ago, she is alright, but her right side is bruised badly and had to spend most of the past weekend helping her. So, with work, tutorials after school on Tuesday and checking on her---just plain old tired--tomorrow I'll add them for you to see.

    1. Michelle,
      I looked at my pictures and they are all blurry! I will retake the pictures tomorrow and get them up. Sorry for the delay. I will slow down and look at each picture as I take it. One more time!