Thursday, November 1, 2012

I have had the best month so far!  It's not great for some, but for me it's my greatest!  I guess I am on the right path!
I certainly hope so.  I really think the 'shout outs' have indeed really helped.
My apologies to my 'Shout Out' partners for not shouting out for you last weekend.  It  won't happen again!!
My Mom will be 88 in January and she fell and hurt her leg.  I had to spend most of my weekend helping her.  I have also been informed that I will be taking her to the doctor on Monday.  I sometimes think she thinks I am still a kid........once a mother, always a mother---I guess.  She doesn't have internet at her house.  She is as technically challenged as anyone you would ever meet.
Anyway, I will be shouting out on this coming Sunday.  Thanks to all for shouting out!!

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